No Rest for The Parents

  • You will never sleep well again
  • CDubs doesn’t care if all the good doctors say he still needs two naps a day
  • Your house will never be clean again; see CDubs the Destroyer
  • He has learned to shake his head and say “nao” and if you make him do anything, Baby Crota* will become Enraged; Google Destiny, Crota Enraged
  • Cats are toys
  • You are a toy
  • You will breastfeed until you dry up from old age
  • You will be late to every planned anything from now on; it matters not if you prepare 3 hours in advance to leave
  • Crayons are food
  • Only certain types of food are food; see junk food, puffs, juice, fruit, cookies
  • The only thing to do is Let it go!

*CDubs was dubbed Baby Crota during a nightfall strike when players could hear his roar of baby angst at a block tower. It seems they felt he was Enraged like the actual Monster.



  1. martha0stout

    (*nods more and more with every new addition to the list*) This is true for aunts and uncles that live close by and/or with the new baby too! Being younger than a teen is not an excuse for getting out of changing a diaper.

    Liked by 1 person

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