I’m Not Sure You Understand How to Listen


Two completely different things:

“Take notice and act upon.” You tell me one thing, I acknowledge it and act upon by giving advice, commiserating when appropriate, agreeing….

“The ability to comprehend” or “sympathetically aware.” So if you feel something I cannot fathom or I don’t understand the point you’re making.

These words are not similes 

It is entirely possible to hear what a person says, know what every word they use in their explanation means, and still be unable to understand. It. Is. Possible.

It does not make the person who cannot relate or understand the situation an idiot. It does not mean the person was not listening. It means what to you may make perfect sense but to me it may not make any sense at all.

Neither of us are dumb. If you can’t explain yourself better, you aren’t dumb either.

This also does not give you license to feel victimized because that big old meanie doesn’t say what you want to hear.

Just sayin. 


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