Teething is Hard (On Everyone): Tips to Help Survive the Madness

That toothless grin, there is nothing quite as adorable. (Unless the grin is someone out of diapers… Personal opinion)We were under the delusion that we wanted teeth. That means he can feed himself, right? Oh no… That first night a tooth broke through… The terrified scream, the uncontrollable crying…

If you know what I’m going on about, you have arrived my friend. Welcome to the land of child dental woes!  I want to share some things I have learned about teething, 1 molar and 8 teeth into the process.

Sickness or teething… Or both?

One of the hardest things for us was figuring out, was he just sick or teething:

If your baby is teething there are some physical things you may or may not notice (every baby is different they may have all of these symptoms or none!):

  • Drool, excessive drool 
  • Red patches of chapped skin around mouth (from excessive drool)
  • Extra mucus in sinuses and exiting the face
  • Lack of appetite
  • Behavioral changes: my son is the most tractable, calm, gentle, independent baby. When he is teething he is loud, grumpy, clingy (which is kind of nice at first, but…), cries at the drop of the hat…. 
  • Headaches, mouth pains, tiredness from lack of sleep and fevers   

There are more symptoms than this and some of these symptoms, the fevers for instance, health care providers will deny give any indication that the child is in fact teething. A good rule of thumb I have found is, can you rule out the flu, ear infections, or something more serious? If you and the pediatrician can… Must be some teeth are thinking about erupting soon!

There are nubs or erupted teeth, and the baby is miserable… How can I help?

I would if at all possible avoid onions above the baby’s door way hanging in  socks, mayonnaise on feet inside of socks, whisky on the gums (unless it’s your gums, have at it! Make sure the little one is in bed first, maybe?), cutting the gums for the baby preemptively, (studies show having the gums pre cut causes developmental deficits in the children who had this procedure done.) and placing a poppet under the bed to extract pain via the laws of …. I can’t remember…. But honestly….

If you believe in certain things, that’s fine, that’s different! Prayers, blessings, anointed cloths; I’m not saying they don’t work. Certainly couldn’t hurt! However, if you are just following every old thing any one tells you… If you are  just hoping anything will work…. You may cause more harm that good.  Just keep that in mind.

I pray myself but I also try these earthly teething tricks:

  • Wet baby dishcloth in freezer for 15 minutes helps baby wedge coolness towards the back teeth.
  • Cold milk or juice
  • Cold Cottage cheese or applesauce
  • Teething bracelets (silicone jewelry in general)
  • Your fingers (it hurts so try not to do this)
  • Teething spoons and stuffable teethers (things you can put chilled fruits into but are safe so only swallowable pieces exit the teether)
  • Teethers with ridges bumps and different textures
  • Tylenol or Motrin (child strength of course!)
  • Lots and lots of cuddles!

I hope this helps anyone who knows or has a child that is teething! If anyone would like to add advice, please do!




  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens

    Dawwww give him a hug from me. My sister is in the early stages and oh my GOD DROOL DROOL DROOL EVERYWHERE LIKE OMG IS THIS EVEN LIKE POSS – wow. But I never knew some kids got red patches. Looks painful 😦


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