It has only been 5 days since school has been out for the summer, due to that, I tend to be reflective. One of our standards says as teachers we must be “Reflective Practitioners.” This means of course we must analyze what we teach and how the lessons go, we must reflect in order to do things better.

A month ago, I had an upset at school. It changed how people think of me and it changed something inside me. When I look back at what happened, I can say with absolute clarity, that while the 3 youngsters in question most certainly fed off one another while they bullied me, I did not apply the above philosophy. If I had, I believe things would have gone differently.

My very first year teaching, I yelled a lot. It accomplished nothing, and I had a sore throat constantly. I stopped yelling 5 months into my first year. 

Then I started to explain myself. Why students must do certain things. Why we should behave why we have to do whatever it is. Even worse, I allowed student free reign to explain their point if view. I thought if they understood my motives, they would see the need to do certain things. They also shared what they thought too. Ever ask a 11 year old to give you a good reason for attacking someone else? Why they think they shouldn’t fail a test? Just don’t. Takes up a ridiculous amount of time.

Then I think I was okay with things unless someone managed to get me angry. Emotional outbursts just don’t belong in a classroom. Period. Sure you can have emotion but extreme emotions are just not appropriate.

As I evolve as a teacher, I realize absolute authority does not explain itself. Absolute authority does not need permission to lead. Absolute authority does not hesitate to follow all rules and precepts and carry out the consequences attached. Absolute authority doesn’t get emotional over things that are out of line. It is swiftly delt with.

So silence, when warrented, is not weak. Clever quips are not the save all, humor cannot guide you all the time.

Silence can be deafening. Silence makes people uncomfortable. Just ask Whovians about the Silence. It’s no joke.

I plan to utilize silence to its fullest next year. Perhaps, I will still have students testing my authority. Why should that change? I however, believe I have changed my outlook. I believe I can make many positive changes for the upcoming year.


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