Well it Finally Happened

We know every child ever has done this, but we thought it might just bypass us…

This morning, after our morning feeding, I put CDubs back in his crib to get ready, to get him ready, for daycare.    I walk out, my husband walks in. My husband is getting an outfit together for our little guy to wear out. Ryan turns around to go through our mini man sock bin and then..

*thwack* *Boom*

My husband whirls around expecting to see a crying CDubs in his crib. He falls or flops down inside the crib all the time and hits his head on the bars or headboard/footboard. So he’s expecting a crying baby in the crib. There was no baby in the crib!

That monkey baby had stood up on a penguin and flipped himself over the edge! So there he was, laying on the floor confused and afraid and hurting! He cried for a minute or two and I nursed him again and he seemed fine. However being first time parents, we checked online and went into the pediatrician’s when they opened.

Except for some small bruises he’s okay, but we opted to keep him home with us so we can monitor him.

In these instances, one obviously make sure you lower the crib, make sure there aren’t any bumps or indents in his or her skull, check pupil dilation, check for dizziness, vomiting, bleeding out of nose or ears, check spine and limbs and diaper area, check appetite…..

So maybe just take the baby in if it happens to your baby as well…

So we shall clean the kitchen tomorrow and wash clothes today. It just couldn’t be helped!

(It was 88 degrees this morning! We’re hit people!!)

6 thoughts on “Well it Finally Happened

  1. Aw bless him. Hope he’s all right!. I found it quite a bizarre shock to the system when my sister did it. I’ve got another sister now so I wonder if it’ll happen too. She’s very bouncy already – 6 months – so… I wonder!

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    • I remember you speaking of a new baby coming along awhile ago- 6 months I see!- no the fun thing over she’ll be getting into is crawling into mischievous situations! I hope if the newest does fall, it’s into a pile of stuffed animals!

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      • Yes yes!
        And ah, hope so. It helps that here – as its normally so cold in good ol’ England – it’s common to have carpet so 🙂

        Well I think it is 😀

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