Living Room Success


This morning, I showed y’all my living room. Being the daughter of a hoarder, that actually was really hard for me, and nobody booed at me!  I couldn’t believe how nice everyone’s been, and I appreciate it.

After a long morning of shopping for cleaning supplies, which only reaffirmed my love of the Dollar Tree, we came home and pounced. CDubs enjoyed his day at daycare and we enjoyed some much needed progress:

As the arrows indicate, we cleaned out bookcases, finally put back up our cat window perch, picked up, and rehung art and added a kicknack shelf.


Do you like my husband’s critters? I’m afraid I know not of Groot and the red bunny thing, but the rest I have a pretty good idea…

CDubs even noticed the new shelf:

He made a questioning sound and pointed at the shelf from the ground. So we picked him up, to give him a better view. He continued to do this until he went to bed! It was cute! I am very glad we made progress today. Tomorrow is the kitchen!

If you’re looking for some fresh new things to brighten up your space, consider repurposing like we did. If you have a puppy and love repurposed dog beds, check out my buddies and their Instagram @pupcycledgso! They makes these beds for sale!

 Tomorrow is the kitchen my friends, see you then!


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