Summer Cleaning


Seriously, no, no it does not!

We had a long, angry, cathartic conversation last night, after my husband read my post about mental illness

So today, we clean. CDubs has 9 more days of daycare until he is mine for the summer (oh the cuddles!). I want him to spend his summer, and life, in a clean and safe environment. Sure we have the plugs covered and such but how safe is it, if he knocks over a box of daddy’s figurines? Yummy plastic 3 inch guns.

We talked about renewing our old chores and adding in some new ones. No longer will my husband be the trash taker outter that never does! No! He shall do that and more! So today we tackle:

Now the Walmart bags are filled with newly purchased cleaning supplies so, ignore that mess. Those are being put into rooms around the house. But the rest… Oh boy! We gotta clean up for our boy!


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