Today went really well. I printed off a typo free version of my graduation speech first thing. Then I went to help Ms.J with anything she needed. I ironed half a million rayon graduation gowns and situated hats on heads.

Once that was done, and student lined up to walk on, I checked out the music for today’s event only to find our internet was out. All of our music was from YouTube. After getting that settled, we started and the sound was ridiculous. It was too loud, it was too soft, it snapped, it popped, or it just turned off. Naturally, everyone glared at me like it was my fault. Our electronics are old, we have no wifi signal and I sat there and held cords into sockets until my arms fell asleep. Parents, cut me some slack, I did my best!

I didn’t even know I was running sound until 10 minutes prior to starting Graduation!

However, the students were wonderful.


They did such a good job!  

My speech was well received, and I garnered some claps and a couple of cheers. Teachers approached me later and said they liked what I had to say. That was nice. I was shaking the entire time. I hate public speaking.

When all was said and done, dancing, singing, and certificates aside, students were happy. They truly enjoyed their graduation and I’m glad!



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