Recruitment Posters For My Husband’s Band

so I mentioned in a vlog that we got some unfortunate news. This news is going to take up most of my summer helping to change this negative future to a positive one. In a nutshell, if more kids don’t sign up for band, Ryan loses his job. No word on if he can be transferred, or teach another music subject, just this is what’s happening as if this point.

So in an effort to help him turn things around, I have created recruitment posters for next year (remember HS kids have 2 weeks to change classes at the start of a semester!).

What do you guys think so far (Images created using Rhonna Designs App):


(I think I’m adding red check marks to this poster, not sure yet.)

I have to make some more for me too (cause that was fun!) but, that’s it for tonight! Any suggestions on more catchy ways to grab attention (that are G rated) please share them!



5 thoughts on “Recruitment Posters For My Husband’s Band

    • Thank you, I hope so too! There has been a huge decline in interest in the arts for the past 3 or 4 years at the high school. However, they just put kids into the other classes. Band you need an instrument and you’re battling parents pawning their child’s middle school instrument (no matter if that is what the child wants), other students teasing up and coming students for still wanting to be in band… It’s a struggle. There are also some politics and unfortunately race is a big issue as well….

      I hope some students try it next year and feel the same as you do!!!

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