Good Day Out

Today we had a huge surprise, our dear friend M came to visit! M decided that today he would visit us for a nice day out. He effectively spoiled us to bits; CDubs received a wonderful summer clothing gift (he had pants for days and 3 pairs shorts, now he has shorts for a week!) and M treated us to lunch! We had enough food from lunch left to make up dinner tomorrow (cause I am so blissfully full, I haven’t eaten until I was full in quite a while!)! I made good choices, honest, I had soup and salad (Okay, bread sticks too).

It was a very appreciated, very humbling day out. I can be very much an idiot sometimes. I have very good people who make up my chosen family. They care about us enough to come out here, in the country of no return, to spend the day and surprise us with such gifts. We are very blessed, and we let temporary situations, that aren’t so great, bog us down. M took time to visit us, took us out (which he didn’t have to do but I’m so glad he did), and gave us a much-needed change of scenery. I love our son, I love teaching, I love my little home, and I love my husband, but it can all be so overwhelming sometimes.

Today though, M and D (because certainly D had something to do with this idea as well!) decided we needed a break and a treat. I thank them both 1,000 times over for that thought and today!

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