Feeding Kennel Animals: There’s an App for That!


I love my pets. On various occasions, when our money has be ridiculously low, people have put forth the idea of getting rid of them to save money. I just can’t, I love them like family.

My two little ladies came to me via the pound, which is where unwanted animals tend to show up. The ones in our area rely on state monies and more so, on donations.

I don’t have a lot of cash, I can’t donate large sums or even little sums to any shelter. Even though thanks to these hard working people and organizations I have my two princesses!

I’ve learned of a free way you can help pets in need, all it takes is one little app and a minute of your time, 2 or 3 times a day.

It’s called, Pet to Give and it’s a free app in the App Store or Google Play. It looks like this:


Once you download the app, you get a quick run through:


First you decide if you want to pet Dogs, cats, dogs and cats, or your own pets:

Then 3 adorable critters appear that you must pet (one at a time):


Back and forth, up and down in circles… Just pet that animal!


Once you have the pet shows their appreciation through purrs or happy barks and the love grows (it really does)!

   And then you’re done:

And you can see how much you’ve donated over time and how much today’s pet has earned. 

It’s pretty simple, it’s just an app that basically counts your clicks and turns those clicks into GreaterGood.org which converts them into kibble. 

There are no emails, nobody calls, and it’s a simple way to feed animals in need. The best part is no matter how my budget is that month, I can always afford to help!

Check out Pet to Give!


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