How Does Your Garden Grow?

How have you grown lately? What has caused this new growth? What have you learned?

What bitter thing has happened to you that has helped you grow?

I think, as I lay on the couch hearing CDubs shaking his fist in the direction of bed times and scheduling, that difficult periods teach you more than happy periods. Happy periods certainly make you grateful for your good fortune, and you bask in its warmth. Why shouldn’t you? But when you bask and lay-a-bout, you don’t exactly try to improve anything, do you?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It’s the times of bitter adversity that make us learn, and change, test out, invest in those golden days of the future.

We need those bad days, as much as I hate, hate, haateee to say it… We do.

The bad days make you question, reaffirm or decide to take a new path. We wouldn’t do that if we were happy all the time; we wouldn’t change.

As much as I hate small bitter aspects of my existence, I’m in my growth right  now becoming something all together wonderful, and so are you.

So get out your pruning shears and get ready, we’ve got some growing to do and some choices to make!



  1. pacomontoya

    Middle School. Worse 3 years of my life. But it taught me the most about people, how cruel they can be, and how much words can affect us so much . It was a period I almost didn’t come out of, but I definitely came out wiser.


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