Friday Vlog Post

My fist Vlog post is up and I am beaming with youthful enthusiasm! I make a ton of mistakes, talk with my hands too much, film in the wrong rotation, I speak quietly, and I may sound a little rushed and a little boring but! I overcame my Vlogging fears and I’m going to try this, give it a real shot. 

I like my intro though, I think it looks fancy! (And you can see CDubs’s face! Hubby approved the video though)

What do you think? Any suggestions? Remember, criticism is only helpful if I learn something from it! Like I tell my students, don’t to me the song sounded bad, why did it sound bad?

Watch my first Vlog here!


6 thoughts on “Friday Vlog Post

    • Thanks! It was amazingly small and quiet. About 40 kids showed up dressed to the nines (and looking way to grown up!). I was in the kitchen preparing a lot of food (putting in trays, dividing it up, that sort of thing) but I popped out to see the kids 🙂 I left early (for the baby) but they seemed to be having a blast!


  1. “I can hear tiny people at my door.” That could be taken as pretty creepy. lol. Nice Vlog. Just curious why you didn’t take this in landscape mode as opposed to portrait. Seems like you would get more out of the screen orientation in YouTube.

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