#daily79 #Human

Band days are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they are difficult for a different set of reasons than why my music classes are difficult.

In band you have varying levels of energy and many different kinds of people trying to complete the same task in a million different ways. Most of the time, they want to play instrument to create music and often they want me to teach them how. However, due to our technological resources there are many ways to teach all of these students and we have access to materials through that technology. The problem is, the student also has access and expects that if YouTube Cindy can play her clarinet like this _______ – then so should they themselves be able to play at the same level. Never mind that YouTube Cindy practices 2 or more hours a day and is in high school or college. Results! Results now! The parents want, results! Results now! They also saw that 4-year-old drummer why can’t my son do ___- never mind the kid is a savant and you guessed it, practices multiple hours a day. I’m the music fairy, I tap your child in the forehead with my conductor’s baton and BAM! They are Mozart’s long-lost great grand something!

It makes me tired some days. So, when I am tired (and getting over a cold) I sit in band. I try not too, it’s so bad. I used to stand the entire class period (though they used to be 70 minutes instead of 90) and the craziness didn’t get to me. I enjoyed the different energy levels. I truly did.

I think I’m just too tired (maybe being a new mom, maybe the new schedule). Anyway, on band days I’m lucky to make 30 minutes of extra activity, but today I went beyond.

I walked to choir practice tonight!! It was 1/3 of a mile, barely any thing but gosh, it felt nice to walk on my own to church!

I know I walked 79 extra minutes of awesome today because of the app Human. Human records your movements walking, walking fast, running, biking, in the car, or sitting still. It decides when you are moving fast enough or moving around enough to record that minute of activity and decide if it is counted  as being active.

You set a goal, a #daily30 #daily60 #daily90 and beyond, and try to reach that goal, once you do, it alerts you to you success. As you check your status the app cheers you on in cute ways.

Once you hit your goal, your next step is to be active for 3 days, then a week, and so on. As you work, you unlock beautiful scenes to look at when you check your progress. I just unlocked the scene you see in my picture. The best part is you can’t buy the themes, you have to work for them!

I want the city maps!

So today, I walked to choir practice and I’m so proud of myself, I got some exercise in!!! I made my #daily60 for sure! Woohoo!


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