The One Terrible Truth

No matter what you feel towards Mademoiselle Swift, she really nailed it.

This year has gone from positive good blogging to, “my life is shit, and here’s why.” Only, I did that 1,000 times. No only is that completely not interesting (for you or me!) but, it is a downer. You get stuck in this quagmire of negativity and it’s hard to see the end. I really did think, “Oh when this month is over, everything will be better.” Then, the next month would roll on in and it’d be the same, or pretty darn close.

You can not just focus on the, “It’ll get better.” “Things will look up,” idea and then just wait day after wretched day for that possibility of sometime.

You’ve got to learn to find good in this mess. You can not have it all, you can not make everything that is awesome fall into your lap. You can decide what to do with that stuff that falls into your lap. You decide how you are going to get through this tough time.

It’s really how we decide to live and behave that shapes what others think of us. So why wouldn’t what we decide to do with our lives and how we behave shape how we think about ourselves?

I’m going to do my best to be positive 🙂



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