Vlogging on Fridays?


1st, Connor is a sleepy head and has decided to knock out early tonight so I get to blog before midnight. Poor little guy, he looks so sad!

This morning he was ready to go:


That hat!!!
Anyway, my husband has been watching vlogs lately, and one of my best friends loves them as well (and used to vlog herself). I’ve tried 2 time and became an absolute awkward mess. Those videos still exist in the YouTube-verse God help me if they ever surface! 

However I am older and wiser and possibly funnier, more comfortable, and care less about how I look on video. So the question is, could I vlog on Fridays? Should I Vlog on Fridays?

I would talk about things like I do on here and share my life through a video that night. Things like getting stuff done, chores, decorating and naturally, the same old topics. You’d just watch as we got things done….

It could be super fun… I think?! Maybe I should try it…


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