Children Say the Darndest Things… Vol. 6

Yesterday was a special day. After the tough day last week, maybe I just needed a totally absurd phrase to completely undo me. Well, it did and I laughed, and laughed…. The kids were so shocked.

My students were playing Some Nights by Fun in preparation for our upcoming Spring Concert. We were doing one of those “Let’s pretend it’s the concert,” no holds barred run-throughS. It actually went very well, we kept tempo, and though I am sure there were personal struggles we emerged victorious.

Whenever we have run-throughS, I like to ask, “Okay what did we do well (or what did we not do well)?” Students then offer up suggestions.

One student said we kept tempo, another said she didn’t get lost…

I offered up that I was so proud of the trumpets because they played their Soli (instrument section solo instead of a true 1 person solo) and made it through.

On trumpet in particular was excited, E, she was bursting with her ingenuity. She informed me that she and N had switched trumpets and it had made things easier for them both. The thing that cracked me up was when she explained to me what was needed to produce this triumph:

“Mrs. Gillespie! This trumpet just needed more spit! It just needed it and I could give it to it, so I did! I gave it the spit it needed and it just grew!” (Picture this with excited hand motions)

Annnnd I lost it. Just laughed myself to bits. Maybe you had to be there. All I know is I needed the laugh!


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