This is what I have always believed. When I endured my childhood, I felt it meant that someday, I would have a better life. I went to college and was all kinds of foolish and thought, “yes, this is it! I have earned this happiness!”

And it was wonderful.

Then college ended, the recession was in full swing and that “for sure” teaching job wasn’t there. My life was messy, and I barely saw my now husband except when he dropped me off at work in the mornings or afternoons.

Once again though, I got things together and thought; it was wonderful.

So I applied to some Job openings in a good handful of districts and I got that elusive teaching job. I worked hard and learned a lot of things.

And it was wonderful.

I grew and my knowledge grew and my band grew. As my successes grew, so did my challenges! I said to the challenges “come on!” and they did.

And it was wonderful.

Then maybe, maybe I wasn’t humble enough, or maybe I had forgotten where I had come from. Maybe, I just wasn’t ready for my destiny as I thought.

And thing got harder.

Things outside of my control began pushing on my control and I got a little lost again in the mess.

But today, though it was still kind of hard, it wasn’t Thursday. It wasn’t worse. I’d had worse on that day and now I know better. I understand my destiny is still something I’m working towards.

I should be happy, this means I’m not done. I have much more to do and become. There is something I am preparing for. Something I am looking towards, something I am still preparing to do.

I can be extraordinary, I just can’t forget what it takes to get there!

It’s gonna take work!


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