Alone on the Phone: Phones Aren’t for Calling

Its so much easier, to type out one phrase or two, than to call someone and talk. If you text, you can make sure they get the message at any time day or night. You don’t have to worry of its clear and you have good reception (like voicemail). You can even send links and pictures and clips. All good stuff.

But you don’t get to hear their voice. You don’t get to laugh with them, feel connected to them.

When people text I feel like they are busy. They have no time to talk. When I have complex things to say, I don’t want to furiously type out a text. I don’t have time for that. But yet, we’re texting each other during lunch breaks, Naptimes, movies at home… We are doing two things at once and being productive!

Are we? Are we giving the person we are speaking to our full attention if we are watching tv and texting? Maybe everyone else watched tv and talked on the phone, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. But now I can text and watch tv and cook dinner and….

Are we giving anyone the social interaction they deserve? Can you remember, in detail your last phone conversation with friends and family?

Eh, I’ll just go read that text again…. If I didn’t delete it.


3 thoughts on “Alone on the Phone: Phones Aren’t for Calling

  1. I’d never…thought of it like that, but you make a very good point. It’s hard to give someone your undivided attention when you’re not looking at them or hearing them in real time.


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