Got Milk?

It’s summer and the questionable fashion choices abound, in this southern heat of ours! This always makes me think of boobs and naturally, breast feeding. Please enjoy an article that I enjoyed writing, about why I feel breastfeeding is natural and good, not sexy and perverted.

Afternoon of Sundries


Yes, yes I do. My newborn has reached the auspicious age of two months of life. If you live in the USA, two months, is the time for your baby to receive certain vaccinations (TDap and the like).

I recently had this appointment and had a rather odd encounter.

I was totally Earth Momma on a mission, we walked to our appointment (it was 8 minutes away walking), my diaper bag was packed with my fancy recycled toys and cloth diapers. I also had my nursing bra on. Yes, a bra designed to release the tatas. (Gasp!)

So we get there, wait, go in and my little guy gets his shots and is upset naturally. We go out into the office lobby to pay, schedule another appointment, etc. Well at this Pediatrician’s office, they have a well baby/ breast feeding room. It’s always empty.

I go into this room because…

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