Quick Update: Baby Room Success 

Today I achieved awesomeness:


For the most part, the baby room has been reorganized and infused with old furniture that has been repurposed. I was going to throw a lot of this stuff away, until my sister got me in the right mindset. Thank goodness!

At the same time, I was breastfeeding a couple hours after my success in the living room, when we heard a knock on the door. A young woman, obviously at the wrong house, surveyed my living room, turned up her nose and declared “I must be at the wrong house,” and left. What, toys, piles of folded laundry, and makeshift barricades aren’t your thing? Sorry people actually live here. Not a show room, not an adult only home where I hide my child’s existence, no people live here.

I’ll clean my living room after church tomorrow because I am trying to have some semblance of order around my house. That reaction though! Priceless. Welcome to life my dear, it’s messy.



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