Spring Cleaning into a Better Mood

It may sound crazy but I did this during spring break. Let’s rewind though. I’ve been very dissatisfied with my life recently. I’ve felt very isolated, very overwhelmed and just out of sorts.

I’ve felt like this every day:

I mean who cares? My job is becoming increasingly difficult due to teenage hormones (Spring brings out satan in my students. Not a minor demon but the dark prince himself, I tell you). Nothing is good enough and I can not please anyone. People are belittling me and tearing me down and then trying to paste me back together because they’ve found out specific, it looks better, reasons not to. Not because you know, being a decent human being is a factor at all.

I know, I’m different.

And it’s okay but I was sucked in. I was believing and disbelieving, becoming frazzled and not being good anywhere. Again:

 (Image: Genius. Com)

But there was hope on the horizon:

My little sister! She came over and stayed for 4 1/2 days! She said “Look chickie, you can’t fix them but you can create a safe haven. Right now you’ve got a hell (to match the satanic child hormones my students are giving off).”

She told me I wasn’t using my space well and I had, as I’ve been saying for months, too much shit. So we downsized, another 6 bags carted off to a donation center. We repurposed old furniture into new things. We bought old furniture and painted it. We were a whirlwind; we tore through my house bringing change and woe to my husband.(He got over it)

Is it clean? Hell no. But it looks better and I have goals and I feel better. I want to wash dishes. I want to wear nice clothes so I want to do laundry. My baby has more space to crawl in (but now we need baby gates…)

Let me tell you, I’m sore. I hurt, I lost weight, I couldn’t feel my legs at some points but it was worth it. I give you, our changes:

We found a table to display things we had in boxes.

My sister found an old library shelf that was 9 feet tall that would replace 2 bookshelves (we took out a layer to make it 8 feet for a wall vent though).

An old shelf to display chibi Thor and bobble Supermen.

And liquor boxes to party! Wait no, that was college. Instead of buying these for $6.99:

(Image: Amazon)

We took the liquor boxes and decided they would hold more and I could customize the color. Ghetto? Maybe. But again:

 (Image: https://shakespearessugarspunsister.files.wordpress.com)

We had our new furniture and we had our plans so we got to work:

(CDubs actually went to daycare but came home and “helped” afterwards)

We painted and confused cats:

(“What is that woman doing now?”)

And managed a nice little case for the living room:

We mixed our own acrylic paint and made our liquor a little classier:

And made our old book shelves into dressers:

(I got a little carried away…)

We gave an old trunk a new purpose

And made it into a toy chest with a chalkboard lid for artistic endeavors.

We painted the table a lovely blue:

And had enough to give our kitchen table and chairs a facelift:

(A trivet I have had for years and bridesmaid flowers from my wedding in the candy jar from my wedding)

CDubs also offered Lamby a facelift:

Which she took in stride.

The day my sister left, I broke my ultimate activity goal on Human:

And my house felt like a human lives there:

Still working on a lot of things but, Gosh it looks great!



  1. martha0stout

    I’m glad your sister was able to help you and that you had so much fun!

    Also, when I recognized some of the manga on your shelf I got really excited. A little over ten years ago I didn’t know anyone other than my family (and one friend) who even knew what they were and now I turn around and we’re everywhere!

    Also, sorry for the long silence. I’ve missed reading your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Lol I only have gotten rid of $2,000 worth, I’ve had them since 7th grade… It was sad, but we needed room for the baby!!

      I’ve missed you all too, it’s fun being apart of others blogging lives and keeping track! I’m trying to catch up too!

      Liked by 1 person

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