Cloth Dipering Series: Barnyard Stink and Starting Over Strip

Are you ready to set your cloth on fire? Do they have this smell, that just won’t go away? Have you tried all the natural ways to strip?

I have an answer my friends! I tried bleaching, I tried lemon juice, I tried rinsing to pieces…. Nothing worked.

A friend of ours from the north told me to stop what I was doing and try something else!

All you need is a Washing machine, bathtub, bleach, detergent, borax, and washing soda!

This wonderful mommy blogger outlines every thing you need to know about stripping your diapes:

Washing with free and clear detergents

Washing diapes in a HE machine

The first thing I learned is if you wash with any of the diaper detergents, you aren’t really getting them clean. Apparently, the diaper detergents are really like boosters.  First, find out what detergents are cloth safe. We ended up using Tide. Then we washed all of our diapers with the new detergent. 1 quick wash hot with the new detergent (amount in the 2nd line). Then another wash, heavy on hot with 2Xs the detergent (so 2 caps filled to two). Then take the sopping clean diapes upstairs.

Then, fill your tub half way and add borax and washing soda and a cap (up to the 2nd line) of detergent. Mix well and add your diapes (no more than 60 diaper pieces a tub):

Full stripping instructions

Stir and let stand for at least 2 hours but no more than 8. Stir occasionally. The water will get gross. It’s all good. The longer you soak the better though.

Once that’s accomplished, drain the tub, fill with warm water and do a light rinse. The take your diapes and wring them out. They will feel filmy and slick. Rinse each diaper piece individually with warm water until they no longer feel slick. Once done, just smell them. The stink is gone!

Next you will fill the tub with cold water and bleach them. Let the bleach and diapes soak for 30 min no more. Rinse with hot water.

Then take your diapes to the wash. Wash on quick like I mentioned before and heavy wash twice this time!

Dry in your drier and they have been stripped. They may leak a bit at first, you must get on a good washing routine established and once more your diapes will absorb and do their job. It’s been a month since we’ve used Fluff Love University’s method and I’m happy with it.

Please check out their site and learn lots! A special thanks to Hallie S. Who helped me see the light!

Good luck my friends, happy stripping!



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