Well That Was A Perfectly Lovely Visit

Remember that pretty good conversation I had with my mom the other week? Well today was the result of that nice phone call. Minus the unwanted pecks on my cheek (she knows I dislike being kissed by her, it’s her way of exerting control in our relationship. I get it it’s a small price to pay for a pleasant time but… Doesn’t mean I have to feel comfortable about it.) , the visit went well.

It went more than well. My sister also came withy parents to visit. We received a big surprise, my father and mother purchased us a bunch of dry goods!


This was a very empty pantry. We are very lucky that they wanted to help us out! CDubs also was gifted a small driving station with buttons and a driving wheel. He thinks it’s great.

My sister has known for quite some time my love for Jigglypuffs. She brought me this little gem today:

Oh yes, hot stuff indeed!

CDubs napped and had fun being held and cased after:

And the cats are worn out as well.

My sister has offered to stay with us for a week during Spring Break. She is apparently going around and organizing the hell out of every body’s homes. She has offered to put up organization shelves in my apartment but, I don’t think that’s allowed. I will ask, but I am pretty sure it’s a no.  She also wants to help me clean and organize my closets, pantry and bedrooms. She’s been doing this awhile and asks we trust her but of course put our foot down if we don’t like something. As a gift, she wants to purchase everything she uses for organization but told me she has a strict budget which is very reasonable. I don’t want her to put out on my account, you know? She doesn’t work because her husband is in the military, but she draws and designs and sells crafts.  So while, yes, she’s stable financially at the moment I certainly do not want to take advantage of her or seems like I am. No no noooo!

I’m not good at looking at things and mapping out a plan in my head on how it will look. It’s so nice she has a plan and has offered to come by and help!!

Make our house more livable. My goal is to not have too much for her to clean, everyday wise, but plenty to organize, because I suck at that.

So nice 🙂 wonderful! We’re really lucky after all 🙂

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