Kids Say the Darndest Things Vol. 5

(Definition courtesy of Google)

I was talking to my students about learning small ensemble pieces for a small coffee-house type event we may have in the future. I told them I wanted solo, duet, trio, etc performances but no more than 4 or 5 people in a group. After a flurry of activity, students grouped up and wrote down song preferences and who was to be in which group. One group approached me with such  a paper and written on it was 4 names and a song followed by the word “Quadropolet.”

I asked, confused what this word was and I was told a trio was three musicians so four must be a Quadropolet.


After a laugh I told them the group would be called a quartet. Then I congratulated  them because they are awesome for inventing such a word.

A group of students were listening to me talk about something they obviously thought was unimportant because this happened:


Yes, yes it will. After asking why she would even let another person jam their finger into her new flute, a young man coughed and explained he had just gotten his finger stuck in his flute as well.


Finally, today a young man had a very familiar excuse for me after I noticed his District 5 button was missing.

 (Image by Trebory deviant art)

“It wasn’t missing I just didn’t give it back yesterday.”

“So you stole it?”

“Yes- Wait- No I didn’t steal it, I was going to bring it back.”

Which he did, but still…. I knew it was an accident, just own up. It’s okay, I won’t get mad!

Ah well youth, yes?

3 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things Vol. 5

  1. Actually it’s a very valid question. I mean, there’s a hole there about the size of my finger, but is it too big, or too small? There’s only one way to find out.

    I can’t laugh too much, cause I’ve done some silly things in my life in the name of curiosity. 🙂


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