Singing His Praises: Choir Workshop Today


Today will be the first time back to church for me in a month. Not to be disrespectful but, I haven’t missed the sermons but I have missed the music.

Today is especially special because we are having service, then lunch, then we are going on a trip eastward to do a church music workshop. I had no idea churches did such things! I haven’t gone to a musical workshop in 4 years. I miss getting together with someone knowledgable and learning music through their insight and experience. It’s fun.

I believe we are working with this fellow today, Pepper Choplin:


I hear the workshops with him are always fun and they end with a concert of sorts at the church we are rehearsing in. I hope I will enjoy today. I think I will.

That means though I will be gone all day and Ryan and CDubs will be having a man’s day at home. I hope everyone, mysf included can handle it!

Have a good day everyone!


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