Productivity Happened Today!

(Both Imagea by marazzo deviant art)

Today was extremely productive and surprising all in one!

Today, Saturday, was a teacher make up day for our “snow days” last week. We were to report at 8AM and work, with out lunch, till 1PM (and then take lunch). I got to school on time today and first thing, a teacher I generally lock horns with, approached me and offered to get me breakfast! I offered to pay her the cash I had on me, but she wanted to bless me. “We have to work on a Saturday, might as well have a good breakfast too.” Sure! Sound yummy!

After eating a yummy chicken biscuit, I sipped my orange juice and printed off pictures using the library printer. It’s one of those beautiful print-in-layers type printers that spit out shinny images at great speed. After I printed many pictures, for my 6th grade Harry Potter Wall, I started to search for Hunger Games propaganda to put up around the school. Get the kids excited, I hope!

As I printed and turned things into posters, I had the delight of speaking with Mrs. H, I never get to talk to her anymore. As we chatted, I noticed she had a brand new turntable and record keeper (nice leather case!). I excitedly told her how I have records (not many but…), I could use that in my room for various things, and could I check it out sometime? She said it was just sent her way and yes, she could check it out to folks. So! Its time to finally hear The Sound of Music and Count Basie on Vinal! Woot!

I just have to figure out where I put them when we moved here… Or did we lend them to our friend B…? (She has a player at home)

After our goodbyes, I laminated my pictures (the machine was working!) and walked the green mile to my room. There I unpacked my bags. 

When I was close to my son’s projected birth date last year, I purchased some bins to organize with. (Nesting, it’s a real thing.) Then I put the bins in my storage closet and promptly forgot about them. (I was a little busy) 

During my recient cleaning frenzy of closets, I rediscovered my bins! Due to snow I left them in the living room for 2 weeks and I forgot about them again! Luckily today I remembered!

I spent the rest of my day today lesson planning, writing out words on sentence strips, organizing my desk and talking to my mother.

Oh yes, it’s true. We talked for a good two hours and then I spoke with my dad. It was pleasant. They are coming to visit next weekend. Talk about interesting surprises!

As for the rest of my day, we ate lunch and slept from 3 to 5 on the couch with the baby and kitties.

Good day 🙂 and I’m still not letting it get to me (money) and I am staying chill.

Let’s do this (life in general)!


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