Hello Old Friend

I can’t say I fully understand because I have one boy but boy… I’ve had these feels and still do. Deciding to do something about it, and recognizing it yourself, is so hard to do. You feel like “Gee such and such is such a great mom and never…” But we don’t know and everyone struggles and it’s okay! As the OP said “Stay strong mommies!”

The Introspective Turtle

It is really a sneaky thing…the baby blues. He lurks in that corner in the dark of your room at 3:00 a.m. when you are so sleep deprived you feel you could pass out on your feet. He stands in the corner of your kitchen as you make dinner for your family and suddenly feel an inexplicable urge to cry. He laughs in the mirror at you as you discover that you have back fat, look at the stretch marks that adorn your belly, and watch your hair come out in handfuls. He watches you look out the window at the snow when you feel housebound when that lump in your throat gets so big you can’t swallow. He lurks. He stands. He laughs. He watches. Finally after nights of no sleep he comes up and taps on your shoulder…hello old friend, I have been waiting for you.

For the…

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