Think About This: Happiness= Productivity

Is it true? If you are happy are you more productive?  I think this is very true.

I admit I said at first, I can produce many things while I am unhappy! The question is, am I producing quality work or par, sub par work? If I am honest with myself, my work, it’s par. I am capable of awesomeness because I’ve seen myself produce lessons that are so engaging the kids don’t want to leave.

Then there are times I let it all get to me and… Yeah.

Same goes for home. Bringing the bad home, letting the negativity of our lives take hold… Then at home I produced… Not much.

I stopped taking care of me. I stopped producing quality meals to eat, I stopped being an open honest me with my husband. Lots of avoidance, lots of ignoring things. Just focus on CDubs. Except even there, I wasn’t reading to him as much, I wasn’t rolling around with him as much, I handed him to Ryan a lot sooner than I think I should have.

Not producing quality relationships, I was unhappy. I am unhappy. I’ve been unhappy.

So something has to give. Then I saw Tiny Houses. I can maybe afford that. Maybe I can have a house. Maybe we can afford to pay bills.

A light, suddenly I was happier. At work I realized some things. I ordered cool music, I got back on track.

I did my clothes. I am cleaning up downstairs.

Connor and I are playing together everyday for hours.

I am painting my nails, working on make up, wearing good clothes…

I am producing better things now. I am productive and it feels good.

All from this idea, maybe we can get out and change.

I’m alive again.


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