Social Interaction (*Le Gasp!*)

Today we worked at our prospective schools and because it was Saturday, which meant daycare was closed, I had the baby. CDubs visited many nice teachers on his quest for nap time (after a breakfast of cereal) and I updated my band website, Twitter and did my lesson plans. At one we left, and we decided to stop for a quick and cheap lunch. CDubs had eaten half a jar of carrots before we left school and I was very surprised to see that have jar again, after he threw up all over my wool pea coat. Le Sigh.

After washing ourselves in the sink and giving CDubs a new outfit (Julie’s Green Walrus outfit), we ate and drove into our day with Aunt D.

D made us dinner and it was delicious. When we arrived around 2:30PM she was reducing red wine and mushrooms which smelled delicious. By dinner, the drunk mushrooms were pared with T-Bone steaks, lemon butter shrimp, and I was able to try Port Wine for the first time. I had a small glass that really didn’t affect me at all. Port was much sweeter than I imagined it to be. It’s always selected in period novels as an after dinner drink of gentlemen, I was expecting it to be like whiskey, and I am very glad it isn’t!

But dinner was delicious and P, D, Ryan and I talked the afternoon and early evening away while playing with CDubs.

It was a good time 🙂


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