Living Tiny: My fascination

During the end of my college years, I lived in off campus student housing. I bunked in a 3 bedroom, two bath apartment with my future husband, and a young medical student. After our second year of cohabitation, the medical student was getting married, and I had decided to move in with a male friend (who had no designs on my person I assure you, his tastes ran in an altogether different direction). My future husband to be wasn’t sure what he was doing; he couldn’t find a job anywhere in his major and he had graduated.

As the date of move out loomed ever closer, it became apparent either he was moving home again, to which I feared I’d never see him again or…. My male friend graciously, and I mean graciously, allowed my boyfriend to bunk with me. This greatly reduced living costs and living space. We suddenly had to fit two bedrooms into 1. We lived in utter chaos (our friend would be the first to agree!); that is, until we took the time and pared down our belongings.

Once we did, and un-clogged our dear friend’s living room, everyone was happier.

I remember the good things from that time fondly (and rent for $160ish a month, it just cannot be beat in today’s world!). It also has gotten me thinking.

Tiny homes. If you’re curious at looking at a an actual build to own DIY or build and deliver, take a gander at Tumbleweed Houses. The house from my description image is my favorite, the Cyprus:


For those with excellent spatial intelligence, a floor plan:


It’s actually not bad, much larger than my old room to be sure! Of course I don’t have the seed money and the land to build such a thing; and although you can get them to build and deliver (yes you can) it’s not in my immediate future.

But it’s the idea, my friends the idea! I’m not saying I’m starting a gofundme for a down payment, but would it be a bad idea to live tiny at my home now?

Can I tell you the amount of shit I have? Put aside baby related items, I just mean me and my husband. I have clothing in my closet I don’t wear, books I don’t read (I’m looking at you, my last shelf of Manga), boxes I haven’t opened in 3 years in a closet…. Electronics I don’t charge or turn on, why do I have all of this useless shit?

I have pots and pans I don’t cook with, plates we don’t use (though in defense of useless plates, if we actually lived somewhere by friends we’d use our entertaining dishes more).

I have a mountain of laundry and dishes that don’t make sense and everyday it gets worse.

Why? Why do I need so much stuff? Why does America need to have us to buy big? Ask an economist, a geographer, someone better qualified than I if you actually want an answer; because my answer is,”we don’t need all this stuff!”

Acquire, Acquire! It makes me sick. I am so tired from my job, my bills, my expenses, the idea of cutting down is so appealing.

Even the idea that you could own a home for $65,000* dollars is so appealing (though crazy compared to the costs of a normal sized home)- even building a small, stationary home is appealing.

These tiny homes on wheels though, build your dream house and if you switch jobs, just put you’re wheels back on, secure your house and go! You just need land and hook ups (and a hitch lock…).

Now I can’t live in a tiny house, for oh so many reasons but, I do think cutting out the extra is a great idea. Really I think I am going to try it.

If you’re interested in the steps it takes to live tiny, check out this blog where the people actually did end up in a tiny home. They have some good advice if you want to get started living tiny or actually going forth and doing it all.

If the two-hour delay becomes a snow day tomorrow, I am going through all my clothes. I have Ren Faire garb from when I was 16, I don’t think CDubs is ever going to need it (and if he does he should have his own). It’s time to get rid of some crap! Look out larger tall women of my area, the thrift store will be raining Lane Bryant!

*cost estimated from various websites

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