Where Has the Time Gone?

I‘m a sappy sap. I was languishing in my bedroom after a much needed nap, and I received a “Mommy come play” text, that my husband sends to me when he feels CDubs desires my presence:


And I look at it and I think “He looks like he’s 2 or something!”


Maybe if I throw in some baby stickers…


No… No, it did not work! I have a living clock, I can’t pretend this year is like the last, and the one before and things are stagnant. Here is this daily changing creature saying hourly, “you are mortal!” while in the same turn, “look at me I am invincible!” At least, every time he edges along the couch, WALKING like its his business. Who said you get to have bipedal motion! I wanted you to stay on all fours on the floor child! Where are you getting to child? There’s no where to go!

But I guess there is…



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