Music and Band Instruments Are Not for General Use


Really? When did you ask to borrow my drums? When did you figure out if we had enough for your kids? Really, the students told you we don’t use them? What would happen if one is damaged? Are you keeping your classroom locked while you have them? Hmmm tell me more…

I understand. It’s so fun, music isn’t really a class. We sit in a circle all day singing songs and playing with blocks.

My specialized equipment that costs hundreds of dollars is totally fair game. It’s fun, and of course I have a stash of leprechaun gold to replace it with.

What’s that? You already told the principal about our “collaboration?” He okayed it? That’s great.

How about this? I roll up into your classroom and borrow the text-book you guys are reading from this week. I’ll need it all day today too.

What? I’m just trying to foster literacy in my classroom! I’ve already put it in my lesson plans. I’m sure the principal knows.

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to tell him that we collaborated.

Next time just ask. Ask first. Don’t just roll up and assume the answer is yes. That you have free access to county (not school) owned instruments. Don’t think that you have any right to my classroom materials. Just like you, I purchased a lot of them (even instruments). Unless you of course are fine with me just taking yours too. You don’t need your laptop next week, do you? Or maybe it’s because I’m not a “real” class you don’t see it as disrespectful? Think again. I don’t care how good a relationship we have, you ask. It’s expensive. Are you taking financial responsibility if it breaks?

Somehow, I think not.



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