My Blog is Not Going How I Pictured it

Here I am laying down, sick with something, surfing Facebook and I see this:


And I think of my baby boy CDubs.

And I start planning a post I want to do. Then I stop and think… Gosh, I don’t know when I’ll next have time to post.

This is not how I thought my blog would go. I thought I would talk about all sorts of interesting things daily. But the stress of work and home is overwhelming me a lot. I was hoping I would have found a balance by now.

I don’t bring work home. I don’t.

I try to eat 3 meals a day to stay energized.

And yet, when I come home I collapse, breastfeed and do nothing else. Part of that is because CDubs is a very avid breastfeeder, after daycare especially so. I however could move him to the pack and play and do other things. Instead I cuddle him and veg out watching stuff on Netflix.

This is not balance. This is escapism. I do not like it.

I think my first step is to set aside writing time for my blog daily.

I think I need to employ the 15 minute rule (clean 15 min a night).

And lastly, I think Ryan and I need to write out our goals. A couple of years ago I was working in GSO as a Front End Manager at The Fresh Market (a natural bulk food fresh food store). We were having troubles with what our lives were. My friend Laura suggested we write down things we wanted and needed to do. Then talk about them.

It helped.

It’s an idea at any rate.

I’m going to go research something for tonight 🙂


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