It’s All About the Baby

He’s all I can write about lately, which in today’s blog post, is unfortunate.

On Jan 30, 2014, we had to take a day off work because of how CDubs looked above. We discovered he had Pink Eye, an Ear Infection, and a reaction on his face. After almost $100 for the appointment and medicine, we thought we were well prepared. We medicated him all weekend and into Monday.

Cindy, our main childcare caregiver, said on Monday that something was up, he wasn’t acting like himself. After being home with him that night and having to take him to bed with us halfway through, (we do not bed share, and we only co-slept, slept in the same room, until he was 3 months) we knew something was very off. He sleeps alone fine, trust me. Suddenly he wanted so much nighttime attention.

He was just that upset. I ended up calling out at 7:15AM Tuesday morning, because CDubs simply wouldn’t let me move away from him. By 3PM that same day I was worried. He was very hot, too hot. He wouldn’t let me strip him down to cool him off, and the cold compress made him cry. I had been nursing him most of the day too, which is odd because he loves to eat solid food.

After relaying this to my husband, that CDubs was sicker than we thought; (I had given him Tylenol starting at noon and was in contact as the fever progressed) my husband rushed home. We convinced our almost closing pediatrician to allow us to come in with CDubs.

CDubs’ ear infection had changed into this painful bulge inside his ear and it was very swollen. His fever was actually higher than I thought, 102 degrees. The doctor took him off all of our medications and decided he needed an injection of a more broad spectrum antibiotic, over a period of days. They were even thinking of X-raying his chest.

That injection! Oh he screamed. Oh he cried for 10 min straight. CDubs my totally calm, easy-going little man, was screaming his little lugs out!

We took him home and cuddled him and even took him to bed with us that night.

Today, we have kept him home with us both, fever down to 100, but not broken, and second shot in his system. No X-ray, thank goodness, he looked okay. He’s doing better but…

I cannot decide, should I work tomorrow? We need the money. My checks are low due to helmet appointments and sickness.

But this is the sickest he’s been ever… I want to stay but…

It’s stupid I have to decide if having enough for bills or being home with my child is more important.

Then there is that face:


Just want to cuddle him all day!

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