*Pew Pew* *Pew*


Ah books. Books are possibly the best thing ever.

You can get lost in books. When I read, if it’s an excellent tale, I can see and smell and even taste what I am reading about (which is so cool). I can read in different voices, famous or not, and see the characters interact.

Reading is, quite possibly, more entertaining than TV and sometimes more entertaining than life.

Books can teach you things your parents never knew how to do. Books can theorize and speculate and cause us to create in the real world.

Books can let you see and hear how people hundreds of years ago thought. They can even guide millions of people in Religion.

Books are amazing.

So why don’t people like to read them anymore?

Why are children cursing their English teachers over novel studies?

Even when kids read cool stuff or things they as kids pick out to read… It always falls short.

Maybe video games are the new book.

I just can imagine myself on a cold, rainy day curling up in an afghan, mug of coca on the side table and an XBox One Controller in my hand. Yes I am having loads of fun playing Dragon Age Inquisition. But…

Give me a Mercedes Lackey Fantasy and I’m choosing that, hands down.

I worry CDubs will not gain the love of reading. I read to him all the time but as he grows he is going to notice reading around him is reserved for school texts and the fast food drive thru.

So my question for any subscribers out there is this:

If you love reading and interact with children how do you foster the love of reading in them? Is it just enough to read in their presence or read to them? What have you done to encourage his or her love of the written word?

I look forward to any and all serious insights!


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