Okay, okay… I Have a Plan

For now, that is. I completely forgot my Flex Spending Plan is reimbursed in February. Granted it’s the second to last day of January but, I think it’s because the first of the month is Sunday.

I spend like… $210 for local medical bills. I will just pay those with the flex. Duhhh! Silly Katherine.

Now of course, I still only made $1100 this month but, I think we can make this all work out… A little?

Not to mention little man has Pink Eye, itchy skin on his face, and ANOTHER Ear Infection. So we lost $90 there but again with Flex Money.

And I am relieved I have opted for the flex spending account. When all is said and done, I will be spending $300 in Flex Money by Monday afternoon.

Hidden blessings. Truly. Thank you Lord. I was totally thinking “I can’t afford the gas to church now, choir practice and service, I’ll have to quit for the month!”

I think that was just Vetoed.

Poor monkey, so much mucus 😦


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