Children Say The Darnedest Things… Vol. 4


Yesterday, as we were reading this page in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone, this occurred:(See starred sentence)

Fearsome pickles, hide yo kids hide yo wife!

And an in 8th grade band:

“What’s in your mouth? You know I don’t like gum in my classroom.”

“It’s not gum. It’s a Dinosaur.”


Yum, prehistoric.

An lastly:

“Where is my pump pen! It’s purple and green! Somebody stole it! Mrs. G they stoooolllllleeee my pump pen!”

“Alright guys, everyone look around… Look on your notebooks, look around you, make sure some one is not sitting on it.”

*kids search around*

“Why did you have to steal my pump pen!”

*One student finally looks under his behind and holds up the missing pump pen*

“I told you no one stole your pen! His butt stole it!”

“Yeah, he’s the booty bandit.”

*and we all proceed to die in a fit of hysterics*




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