Plagiocephaly and My Son: The Last Appointment (Actual Pictures of Scans)

Today, CDubs had his helmet appointment. Dec 22 we were told in two weeks we would have a scan to see if he needed to wear the helmet any longer.

Today’s appointment was odd because it was firstly, scheduled on the first day at back from Winter Break, and secondly was scheduled right after lunch. Generally his appointments are before lunch because we have to travel 4 hours round trip. We want to get home before it is dark.

We barely slept last night due to CDubs multiple wakings (teething, ear infection, or neighbours being loud, take your pick) and driving up to the appointment made the sleepiness worse. That and CDubs suddenly becoming ill as we passed through Sandford… Well it was a long drive.

We reached Raleigh though, and had an impromptu luncheon of eggs, Canadian bacon, biscuits, hash browns, and tea with my grandmother. She thought because he got sick, we should eat at her home. Easier to clean at home if he were the get sick again. It was very tasty and CDubs seemed to be feeling better. We talked for a while and agreed to come back after the appointment for an hour or so.

Off we went, back to Cary and to the doctor’s office. We had a little wait for the doctor that we utilized for playtime with a purpose; to capture a photo of the elusive top tooth. During Christmas CDubs was very fussy. We should have realized a tooth was erupting!

After obtaining our prized shot, we were called back. After talking about Christmas, we took off CDub’s helmet and fitted the scanning stocking/ sock over his head, covering his hair.

After the quick scan (he is laid in an open scanner, much like a giant computer scanner) she does the measurements comparing the scan from Dec 22 to today’s scan. It’s really quite remarkable:


As you can see, in just two weeks, there has been such a marked change! It shows you how quickly children do grow!

Once I saw the change, the doctor said we had achieved our goal of rounding out the forehead and the back of the skull.

Here is his first scan and his last scan:


I see a huge difference. It truly worked. Plagiocephaly has been combatted with a helmet and we won! I couldn’t be happier, and he now has the ability to develop cognitively however his brain needs him to develop, and he has the room to do so!

I am very pleased, it truly looks better in person and it was money well spent.
No more helmet.

I hope, if any of you are faced with this decision (helmet or no) you will consider what I have said, and what I have shown you and that you do your research before you decide. I hope my sharing has given you a true look into how effective the treatment can be and that it will help guide you towards making a decision of your own!

Thank you for following our journey to correct CDub’s Plagiocephaly!



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