Updates: Plagiocephaly and My Son

It has been about two months since CDubs had first started wearing his Plagiocephaly helmet full time (for more information on this, read my original article).

I’d love to say everything from my first reporting was still as positive but, I have learned a great deal about people through this helmet.

But first, did it work?

Medical Effectiveness


If you look here, you will see my son’s skull has in fact changed. A lot. 5% in two months is a big deal in the world of Plagiocephaly. He has a beautiful forehead now, his “coning” is not as apparent and the back is even rounding out. It has been a success!

The doctor is saying that, he may have his helmet off for good as soon as January 5. Eight weeks instead of sixteen weeks is quite awesome.

Helmet Odor

What I had first said, for the most part is true, the helmet does make his head smell, but with daily washings of him and surface washings he smells fine.


The helmet seemed so fragile at first, every time we stretched it on and off, I was afraid of a crack forming.

It never happened. Moreover, CDubs is quite rough with it, and it has stood up remarkably well.

Does He Hate the Helmet?

CDubs loves his helmet still. Never sad to wear it. When we take it off to clean, he reaches for it. He enjoys it. Loves to have it on.

Reactions of the Public

That, unfortunately has changed. While most people still find CDubs cute and make remarks as such, we have run into some negative responses.

Children stare, adults stare or point and whisper. Once or twice, remarks have been made.

“Now why does he have to wear that?”

“Now what’s wrong with this little angel?”

And I reply nothing and explain. Always they say “Oh that’s good.” With relief.

Because apparently this is what many uneducated people think:

I was out to lunch with my grandmother, husband and our son to a nice Resturant just after lunch. We were seated by a group of older working folks obviously on a work break/ lunch. As we are being given a high chair for CDubs I hear the following conversation from their table:
“Oh how cute, it’s like a batting helmet.”

“Oh no, those are helmets for retarded kids.”

And my mind goes blank. Completely blank. Did I hear them correctly? Are they serious? Retarded is not even the term used anymore. Even if he was different in any fashion, why would you use that term or assume that hateful term applied?

Let’s say it was a helmet for protection and not guided growth. It would be something needed to keep him safe. Why refer to him in such an ugly fashion? What’s wrong with it? Is it hurting you?

They left moments after this remark, and I never had a chance to say any of this. I was so shocked at the level of ignorance.

What was more shocking than that was the level of disgust aimed my way after telling this tale.

Long story short, I am a bad mother for not cussing them out.


So be warned, the helmet can have its dark responses as well.


I have been approached by far more people telling me how wonderfully the helmet corrected their son, daughter, nice, nephew, grandchild’s head shape.

People have come into defense of his helmet if they even detect a negative remark.

That and the positive effect on his skull outweighs all negatives.

Besides, he is only 9 months and luckily he will not remember any of these encounters. He will know that he wore a helmet though, and how glad we are that he did.



  1. raphaela99

    First, fantastic news that it has helped so much and he won’t need to wear the helmet for too much longer! I am aghast at some of the reactions! Your little man is adorable, and it hurts my soul to know people have said such things about an innocent baby wearing a helmet. I think it is quite fetching! xxx


    1. afternoonofsundries

      I do too, he looks like a little power ranger or maybe a little football player and I think it’s adorable.it really is sad some of the things that people say it’s a good thing that these are true strangers.as for the rest of the people that I do know, they are no longer in my life for me to worry about. But thank you for your kind words I always appreciate them.


  2. tonamie109

    I’m sorry you’ve had such negative effects from the helmet necessity, but I’m sooooo excited to hear that it went so well! Plus, from my point of view and history, the helmet is often for security reasons on little people who have seizures, too… to keep them from injuring their heads when they fall. You are right that Mr. C will not remember the bad times, and when he looks at photos he’ll hear of all your love for him and all that you have done and continue to do to give him the happiest most successful life! Hope that 2015 brings you all nothing but happiness!!! ❤


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