Updates: Christmas with Our Extended Family

Though we totally love spending Christmas with Mimi and Papa:

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f7f/68125371/files/2015/01/img_2741.jpg(An after Thanksgiving visit)

We realized we had not seen CDub’s Godparents since last April… Considering CDubs was born in March, you can understand why we needed to visit!

So we sent out a text asking if during the 2 weeks we had break from school, we could arrange a 3 to 5 day stay. After much working with their work schedules, both were able to carve out 4 days to spend with us. Two of those days were Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. M and D, being the wonderful people they are, told us they understood if we could not come and visit then.

It was after all CDub’s first Christmas. We were looking to save money, we were trying to do something low key, we were keeping the kitties home. At least that was the initial plan. Staying home or in state for Christmas seemed like a good plan this year. After really talking about it, we decided that CDub’s first Christmas was special and all but, he doesn’t really care where we spend it. He is 9 months old, and he only cares if he has access to various body parts and his socks. He loves pulling those things off. Everywhere.

So we did our Church Children’s Christmas Nativity Play:



(And I sang the Christmas Cantata the week prior, so I was not to be in the play.)

And we said goodbye to the cats:



And our Christmas tree:



And had one last helmet appointment before we left, and visited GG (Great Grandma):


And we went off to see the Uncles! The trip up went well, we stopped twice, once in Shelby, NC which was exciting because it’s a town that’s name to fame is a relative of my grandmother. Her cousin is the reason the town of Shelby is so famous. So it was kinda cool thinking I could be eating by relatives and have no idea! (She grew up there as well and has stories about visiting his family farm and such. She even met him as a child, and when she grew into adulthood he would get her tickets! Coolness! I of course have never met him, but it’s interesting out of all the tone deafness in my family to know the musical bit came from somewhere!)

Anyway…. I got a bit off track! It’s just cool. To me, and no one else, lol!

CDubs slept the last leg which helped tremendously. We arrived to the beautiful home of M and D.

They truly made us feel welcomed and loved! The place was decorated with tasteful Christmas decorations, and yummy Christmas cookies (I want the recipe for those pecan bars! Like mini pecan pies! Yummmm), and we even had stockings and a present under the tree.

They truly blessed us this Christmas, with many gifts that were practical and trendy and CDubs of course made out like a bandit! Cute clothing, wonderful useful baby items, and toys!

(CDubs loves him some Scout, I am telling you!)

I got a beautiful scarf that was knitted not with needles but arms no less! It’s a lovely teal color, one of those infinity scarves. It’s beautiful, I should take a picture (In the morning though, I’m in bed now with Evie sleeping on my left shoulder blade.).

And CDubs opened presents from Mimi and Papa. We got family Christmas shirts saying “Gillespie Family Christmas.” Which were pretty cool, and CDubs got a bouncing Elephant. He loves the elephant as much as he loves Scout:



We also FaceTimed with Mimi and Papa for Christmas as well. We were not in any way trying to keep CDubs from his Northern family! We thought this was a great compromise. (I am pretty sure though, we’re going up north next Christmas, if they’ll have us of course!)

We also played this horrible game, Cards Against Humanity, without a doubt I am now possibly the most __________ person ever. It’s like Apples to Apple for Adults and I came up with some pretty bad combinations… But it was fun, and we laughed….

J and A came to visit Friday and Saturday. CDubs had some pretty bad meltdowns/ no sleeping days those days and I am ashamed to say I did not take things gracefully. I was… Sigh. I was tired. And I admit, I am human and I got upset. I also admit CDubs is a baby and it’s not his fault. I truly feel like I could have done better. Ryan was wonderful and told me it was okay to be upset and called me out on those times I was way to upset (due to lack of sleep). Naturally I cried when I realized how unreasonable I was being. Luckily I am learning and I won’t soon forget how I felt during the whole process.

Despite lack of sleep, people loved visiting with him and seeing how much he had grown:




You can tell my son is very loved, despite the crazy identity hiding stickers I have added.

Overall we truly had an excellent time:








But like all good things, it had to come to an end. We traveled home:


Truly a wonderful Christmas!

And now,

I truly pray we all have a wonderful year in 2015!


Thanks for reading!


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