Updates: Concerts, Parades, and Parents

I took an unofficial hiatus from my blog in order to survive the Christmas Band Season. So let’s talk about all of that! *makes hand gestures off towards the mess that is my life*

the Concert

The concert went… Well let me explain. Usually November hits and the students suddenly go, “Oh my goodness, the concert is like X rehearsals away.” And freak out and practice.

Not this year. I had 6 songs, 6 method book songs, and the parade tune planned for the concert.

We played 3 songs, 5 method songs, the parade tune.

I was disappointed, to say in the least.

My 8th graders were the most disappointing. They told me they wanted to cancel the concert and parade and asked could they take a test instead. The music was “too intimidating,” (the music was 1.5 level. .5 is 6th, 1 is 6th and 7th, 1.5 is 7th and 8th, and 2 is 8th. It was not too hard) and they had to practice for sports, they had church commitments, club activities….

7th grade rose to the occasion. They shone under pressure. They worked above and beyond. In a word, impressive. They improved and became what the 8th graders needed to do in order to play their music successfully. They wanted the challenge.

6th grade was 6th grade. Sounding vaguely like car horns coupled with the enthusiasm of musical discovery, they tried hard and were beautifully adorable. You should have seen the little tuxedos and velvet Christmas dresses! It warmed the heart.

The concert itself went well, we played a trick on the families that came. We had well over 300 people there. Which perhaps was not the time to do this but…

We played Jingle Bells like we were playing for royalty, but sounded like we had never played music before in our lives. Parents cursed, put down recorders, murmured in disbelief, and then, 1, 2, 3—- GOTCHA!!! And a huge sigh echoed throughout the gym. Multiple parents were heard saying “I knew my child did not sound like that,” and “It was a trick!” And the kids were so gleeful in the execution of their joke!

Cute, it was cute.

The concert went pretty well, the general music students playing guitar and recorder in between band pieces, and parents left happy and proud.

Then various members of the community trashed the gym, destroyed decorations, and broke things. Well, okay their various children did. It was unfortunate.

I come to find 3 days later that a tall, Lumbee (American Indian tribe of NC) man stood at the entrance to the concert and charged people $3 to enter.

People are horrible.

It went well, 30 out of 46 kids came, among those 14 were 6th graders, 13 were 7th and 3 were 8th. It was… Attack of the harmony part. The community was extremely awesome and supportive anyhow.

Doctor Who Unit
It is going okay, if I had each class more than once a week, they would still be into it. I’ve decided to continue on but, divide the class into two sections a day half instrumental half world music. Should go better I think. Right now, it’s like “what did we do last week?” Because classes are so spaced out, and things are all over the place because this group of classes are during prime assembly time… Yay…

Harry Potter Unit
It is going excellently. Kids love earning house points, like reading the story aloud, enjoy playing recorder songs that are difficult. Going very well. Even some house pride going on, the Slytherins have hand signs and hiss thing they do instead of clapping for one another.

Good Behavior = Christmas Party

If my students earned 80% or higher positive behavior scores as a class for 3 months, they earn a party. I became super awesome the last week and sponsored many parties for the babies. They had a ball, except… 8th grade band… Go figure.

I would post pictures but alas I am in the mountains. They will not upload! More later 🙂

Here is some of the more! I couldn’t log onto my account for more than a week, it’s been fixed now. I also had to redownload the app a couple of times as well, it was very strange…






But I think the best thing of all that reminds me I don’t suck, at sucking, at sucking at life is this (she wrote it herself):


More updates tomorrow!


      1. martha0stout

        The closest we had was this one song we played for the Halloween concert, it had different strange non-instrumental sounds. One of them was a scream and several of us ‘tried out’ for it. I got it because my shriek sent shivers down everyone’s spines. Made the audience jump, it was great!


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