I Am a Thankful for You: Acts of Kindness from Strangers

We have been struggling lately, finically. We have no more sick days because they were used up during pregnancy/ maternity leave. So whenever someone is sick or has appointments, (like 2 times a month for helmet adjusting) our pay it takes a $100 hit. (Okay it’s like $85- $95 hit, I’m not sure what I would make a hour. Math is not something I wish to do tonight)

So last month, we lost $400 each over scans, fittings, adjustments and a sick day tossed in the mix.

Losing $800 bucks total was staggering. I thought I was going to freak. I got light headed when we combined our checking total. It was bad.

One of my friends, Mr.O happened upon me during this episode and I shared with him my trouble.

He always offers a kind word or a gesture of support, “let me take you to lunch.” That kind of thing.

Well he went back to his church and told them of our troubles finically this month. They in their graciousness gave us $100.

People we don’t even know from a church I’ve never been, helped us eat last month.

I was floored and I am for sure extremely thankful for their incredible generosity! So very thankful and grateful for every person!



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