I am Thankful for You: Trombones Are Not Cow Instruments.



When I was a Young Musician

When I was a young girl, I, like many chose my path in middle school; band, PE, art, or chorus?  What would I study for the next 3 years or beyond?  The idea of an instrument was fascinating because, I could create music with a piece of metal or plastic.  It was amazing.  I had to do it.  We however were a very poor family and could not afford for my brother to rent a flute and for me to rent an instrument as well.  My brother being older, got to rent his flute and I had to figure out something else.

So the band director at the time Ms. Davis, a cheerful excitable young woman who took the time to decorate her office windows with a plethora of musical holographic stickers (which was super cool) , told my mother I could still join band.  She had a flute for me to try and if I was a good fit, I could borrow it.  Open house ends and I think a flute!  Like my brother!  I would be so good at it too!

The first day rolls around and I get to band.  Ms. Davis hands me a very large black case.

   ‘this is not a flute, ” I say dubiously,

    “I had to give it to Ashley, she came by first so you get the trombone instead.”

  I take the mysterious, long black case to the risers and open it up inside is a gleaming King trombone. I look down and realize what a trombone is.

“Oh no it’s the one that sounds like a cow!”

And thusly, my fate was sealed. Fifteen years later I am still playing trombone, albeit better than I did then. (And I my sound does not resemble bovine vitalizations any longer) It has steered me on a path that became my career.

All because in 4th grade Ms. Davis did an instrument showing, then 6- 12 grades lent me a trombone for 7 years!

Who knows what is be up to otherwise!

So thank you madam! Thank you!


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