Sunday Earworm: Give Thanks.


I am an East Coast US Citizen in the best sense (I’d like to think), I believe in equality, making something out of nothing through hard work, and butter. I do indeed believe in butter…

I also believe the many awesome cultures mixing together makes North America great (Canada too).

I also agree how Britain, France and Spain conquered bits and pieces of this content sucked. One of my ancestors was… Given… To a red coat, as it were.

Even though colonization killed very many peoples the brief shinning moment of Thanksgiving, the spirit of it and the mythological beginnings will always be something I will celebrate.

For those of you who do not know, settlers came over, unprepared for what the North American Continent had to offer them. It is said during the first fall the colonists did not prepare as they should have. People were starving and dying from lack of food and lack of appropriate clothing. A local Native People came forward seeing how ill prepared the settlers were, they fed them and clothed them and helped the colonists survive the winter. (And yes were probably infected with numerous diseases and cheated out of valuables, but that is unfortunately later) so every year US Citizens, for the most part, feast and remember that we owe our country to these caring indigenous people.

Today in church we were charged in the spirit of this holiday to give thanks to a person or people that changed us in some way. Perhaps a teacher who allowed you to follow your dreams. Maybe a family member that gave you the strength to go on. Whomever it was that truly made your life better, you must reach out and tell them so.

Once you thank this person or these people for changing your life, you will once again be changed. For when you thank others and honor what they have done for you, you will be changed as well.

Which I admit sounds dubious. Am I to become an Autumn Butterfly? No, no but my pastor did not truly elaborate on what we would become.

I think maybe when you stop to thank others for the things they have done you grow to be less selfish, self centered and you realize you are not the sole reason you are doing well. You acknowledge that others had a hand in your life. Once you do realize it took a village, and you give back to that village, you become a better person. You inspire others to keep being better people or to become better themselves.

That’s something we could do with a great deal more of, I think.

So this week, I’m going to pick 5 people 2 people to thank for their impact on my life. Why five two? I dunno it sounded like an excellent number. (At the time, it sounded excellent then life happened. I’ve learned, it’s better to underestimate in the blog world when you’re a new mom!!!)

Like I was charged today, I charge you, wherever you are to think of who changed your life for the better. If you could thank them now, what would you say? Why would you thank them?

Check back for my thankful 5 throughout the week! I’m not 100% sure who I’ll be thanking as of yet, so this should get interesting!

Enjoy your week!


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