Plagiocephaly and My Family: The First Adjustment

So CDubs is having a rough week because, as you’ve seen, he has two new teeth. (Which he bit me with this morning) I believe, due to the teething any behavior while in the helmet this week should not, and will not be a factor in my observations this week. I mean, 2 erupted teeth, for the first time? That’s a lot of pain my friends.

Overall CDubs wears his helmet without complaint, sleeps in it without complaint and treats it like a hat.

Now let’s talk turkey, there are somethings that I want to stress are important with helmet care.

The Helmet Smells after more than one hour on

It’s true, they didn’t lie. After wearing the helmet more than one hour at a time his head was rank. Like feet and old milk mixed together. You can’t smell that with the helmet on, but once off… Shocking.

The ONLY WAY to get rid of the smell is warm water on a wash cloth with soap. You shouldn’t submerge the helmet but wash the surface. Once you’ve washed it out once or twice you must let it air out. Must.

As for baby, he needs a bath.

Once the helmet is dry, put rubbing alcohol on a wash cloth and wipe it out again. That kills the bacteria from the sweat. Trust me. Don’t skip the alcohol. I think CDubs is either allergic to pumpkin or its cause I didn’t disinfect the helmet and he has a rash on his face (he’s had pumpkin for weeks so I think it’s the lack of disinfectant that has caused this. Poor duck).

As Expected, no one Makes Fun of Babies

We’ve had more “Aww the baby.” From people with the helmet on. Which is amazing because he is quite adorable. So the helmet has just enhanced such things.

He Sleeps on The Edge Now

Watch out! He was such a safe little sleeper. Now he’s falling asleep face down in the mattress! Now that freaked me out the first couple of times, so I dashed across the nursery to right him but, that 3 inch head cocoon perfectly clears the width of his nose. He has plenty of space to breathe. I still turn his head to the side but, he won’t suffocate in his sleep. He has the strength to move his head trust me. He’s just being sleepy. Possibly lazy because he won’t fully turn over. Who knows?

The Red Marks

He does get these… Pressure marks in his head, they are red. However if the marks are deep red and don’t leave after the “hour off” instructions… Call your plagiocephaly helmet specialist. My baby has a big head. It grew and changed faster than the average. When that happens it needs to be adjusted. That’s what we’re doing today.

If During the Period of Wearing in the Helmet, Your Child is in Daycare…

Make sure you take the time to set up a meeting with ALL caregivers for your child. My son’s first week was horrible. No one followed my handwritten instructions because everyone interpreted in a different way! (I don’t know how but, they did!) Now his wearing schedule is messed up to Sunday, I tell you!

Alight off to Cary! Helmets on, Moving out!



Just finished! His helmet has been “dusted” or a thin layer was removed for comfort. Also the forehead area of the helmet was raised.




  1. martha0stout

    After your first post on this I happened to see a baby with such a helmet on at the store. It was shiny and red and I was like, “Hey, sister, I actually know what that’s for!” My sister already knew, but humored me. I thought the helmet was awesome both on the baby at the store and CDubs. Hope the instructions go better verbally this next week!


    1. afternoonofsundries

      Me too! Thank you! I was stopped today on the way up, car break, by a older woman (70’s) who had all sorts of questions about his helmet. I was happy to share 🙂 too often people are like “there must be something wrong with this baby.” And I’d rather answer the questions rgan get the looks or uncalled dir comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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