To Be Honest, It’s Okay


Alright, close your eyes. Clear your mind of today’s events. Where does it inevitably wander?

Sleep. For real, my mind automatically goes “Gosh, I’m tired. I can go to bed early if I….”

Everyone says, “Treasure now for when he grows older you’ll miss…”

I understand but, I think with longing, “when he’s older, he’ll sleep through the night better.”

I can’t help it!

Today was Veteran’s Day and I had no work and CDubs had the ability to go to daycare. I sent him with his father, who had a parade, to Mrs.C.

Then I slept. 4 extra hours I was cocooned in blankets dreaming of being late to school. How excellent it was.

I was supposed to clean, wash dishes, strip cloth diapers…

But it’s okay. I’m not perfect. I’m not my mother either. My house isn’t clean. It isn’t filthy. It’s junky as hell but, we’re working on it.

What’s important is CDubs is so happy, so giggly, so curious. My son is amazing. He has done so much growing and changing.

Mommas out there, single, married, straight, Gay, whatever you may be its okay to let yourself be less than perfect.

Now to follow my own advice and strip some diapers!


  1. raphaela99

    Bravo that you rested! Everything else can wait! Everything has a season. Having an orderly house whilst working and raising a little one is a huge challenge and the trade-off is energy, time and rest. What is important is your health. xxx

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