Plagiocephaly and My Family: The fitting

We made it to Cary and walked into Level 4 right on time for CDubs’ appointment. We came in and they took out his helmet from behind the counter.

We went in and read a “how to care for the helmet” guide and a “wearing in the helmet” schedule. Then they stretched the helmet, and put it in his head. It wasn’t a good fit around the back of his neck and ears but, that’s on purpose. Once on she drew things on the helmet and went into another area. We heard a saw turn on and ten minutes later, a reasonably well fitting helmet with air holes appeared.

CDubs wore it for 15 minutes so the technician could show us what good wear and good pink spots looked like. Then she explained what the bad would look like.

Then we left, ate lunch and gave him his first hour wear. This is what he thought:



Questions I Can Answer About the Helmet, Already

1. Isn’t it a little heavy? I mean it looks like he will have trouble holding up his head!

Actually, my grandmother’s universal remote control with batters weighs more than the helmet. Yes, I admit at first CDubs was crawling a little lopsided but, he got the hang of it.

2. I would think he would cry and try to take it off. It’s got to be aggravating to him!

So far, he’s self adjusted the helmet for comfort twice and happily went about his business. He didn’t cry at all. However, the helmet does make him sweat so it’s important to let him and the helmet air dry if he seems to hot and sweaty. Even then, he seems fine, so far.

3. Aren’t people going to stare and make fun of him?

It is a farsnickled person who would make fun of a 7 month old baby. Period.

I hope this helps anyone with questions about Plagiocephaly helmets 🙂 I’ll keep everyone posted as CDubs wears his helmet more and more!

(Oh an is he not the cutest little linebacker baby ever?!)


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