Wibbly Wobbly Sorcerous Curios

I can’t write much as of late, I’ve taken on two big projects. The Doctor Who Recorder Adventure and the Hogwarts Adventure.

It’s a lot of work but it makes me excited to be there. If I’m excited, the teaching is exciting and generally the students are excited too:



Look! They want to write things! *Gasp*

I took a fried computer and made futuristic space technology. The kids are to guess what it could be. Our students at TMS do not read Fiction. They hate fiction. When you ask them to imagine they get confused. I am trying to wake up that part of themselves. I hope.

I’ll update you on some Harry Potter Goodness in a bit, gotta get the baby from daycare!


I have a very intelligent art teacher at my school. I tried to make parchment paper using regular paper and tea. Unfortunately, it made everything tear and look dirty. So I put it to the art teacher, my problem, and he took some liquid watercolor paint and mixed it with a lot of water. He tested it and decided we needed thicker paper as well. With these improvements I give you parchment paper:




The letters look much better this way!



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