Happiness is a Teacher Workday


Yes, at least once a 9 weeks we teachers are gifted a day of pay and work, without tiny demanding hands. Seriously, I have some aggressive huggers in the 5th grade. It’s like being tackled by a tiny youth 12 linebacker.

I have mystical hopes and goals for tomorrow. For one, The Story of The Greatest Time Traveler Who Ever Lived has 55 slides now (of just pure content) and its growing. I am now designing props for the story with the help of Mrs.H and Mr. O (and I actually call Mr.O, Mr. O oddly enough!). Mr.O is the art teacher and he hoards random things, pipes, tubes, yarn, poppers, shower hoses, chunks of metal, containers of many sizes, strange packing…. Mrs.H is the librarian and has old old motherboards, chords, and wires. I am taking Apple packing cardboard and hot gluing mother board bits and wires and LEDS and making it look like broken technology as much as possible. It will be a interesting find for the students and a good creative writing piece. What could it be? What could it do? So far I just have a shower head tube and cardboard painted blackish silver with green on the inside.(oh and one of my kids found Doctor Who on Netflix, the fandom cometh)

Another hope is to get some lessons planned in advance and devise a plan of attack for November. 1 month till the Christmas Concert. We need after school rehearsals, decorations, solos assigned, parade music decided upon, the whole mess.

Then of course, I have to turn in my grades, and I have to figure out what is going on with my funding. My school secretary has done some interesting things with the purchase orders. Le sigh.

Annd it looks like I took advantage somehow, I don’t know how because I thought I did everything right but, I don’t know. I think everyone got confused.Oh well I did what I was told. If people were misinformed and therefore so was I, oh well. What can I do?

I also need to plan or start planning our band competition in the spring.

Lots to do!

On top of that, we plan to get home by 3 to get some harder house work completed before we get CDubs from daycare. So we’ll be picking him up around 5. However, it’s a big Halloween party at daycare tomorrow so I am sure CDubs will have fun.

I have big dreams folks, big dreams!


  1. pacomontoya

    I love this time of year. The weather, the costumes, the candy. It’s just all so wonderful.

    I also think it’s awesome that one of your students found Dr. Who on Netflix. Hopefully they all will soon.


  2. NotAPunkRocker

    Isn’t it funny how much work we have on off days? 🙂

    Enjoy Halloween with the kidlet! It’s actually starting to feel like fall, finally, so it all is coming into place for a beautiful day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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